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Hello my name is Edgar. Recently I took my food truck that I’ve been building for quite a bit of time .

To a shop and Melbourne Florida called wrap Giants. To finish off the exterior work on my truck . I gave Terry the owner $500 for artwork and one thousand dollars for material . We had an agreement when the job was done I would pay him 2500 more dollars .

He told me September would be the best time for him to do the job because it would only take him 7 to 15 days to complete . I took the vehicle to him on September 13. He told me that he would have the artwork completed by the end of the week. That he would email it to me .

So I would go to shop and ask him what is going on he will keep telling me he would email it to me I would check my email and nothing so this went on for a total of 45 days from September 13 all the way up to November 1. Absolutely nothing was done to the vehicle. He showed me some artwork on his computer of one side of the truck and that was it. I went to the Internet and I started reading some of his reviews and I noticed that he’s done this to several different people.

Looking at his reviews now I know what these people have went through I’m not the only one he has several victims with this same scenario . So I asked can you please help me and any future victims from this guy. I don’t think it’s fair that person can pick and choose who can you take a vantage of .

It is very sad people like him can get away with this . And he will probably continue doing it if no one can put a stop to him .

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